Android Auto gets navigation, parking, and charging

Android Auto gets navigation, parking, and charging

Thanks to Google, Android Auto is getting support for a range of new apps, including navigation, parking, charging, and more. These apps include ChargePoint and PlugShare for electric and plug-in vehicles, navigation app T Map and A Better Route Planner, to name A few. What’s different is that drivers don’t need to sign up for the beta program to download and install the apps.

Unlike the similarly named Android Automotive OS, Android Auto runs on an Android smartphone, but the projection interface takes over the display of a compatible car infotainment system. This gives you access to Android apps, Google maps and Google assistants, and your media, regardless of the car’s native user interface.

While Android Auto has relaxed its restrictions, that doesn’t mean Google has removed all control. Apps on the platform will still need to follow the developer’s guidelines and be fully tested to ensure they meet Google’s application quality guidelines. The title should also have a fairly consistent look and feel, and the library should keep the interface design simple so that drivers don’t get confused when flipping between apps.

For those using Android Auto — Google says there are now more than 500 models compatible with the projection system — you should find new apps available for download starting today.

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