Google Pixel Buds A true wireless earphone

Google Pixel Buds A true wireless earphone

With Google I/O 2021 approaching, rumors of A true wireless earphone, including the Pixel 5A smartphone and Pixel Buds, are starting to gather pace. The Pixel Buds, A green, wireless earphone, has been spotted in A Google Nest email. While the case is still white, both the headphone body and the inside of the portable charging case are uniformly green.

If Google wants to sell Pixel Buds A at A more affordable price, the final price could drop from $179 to $129 or even $99. Pixel Buds – Google Green Pixel Buds A true wireless earphone

Pixel Buds A looks almost identical to the regular Pixel Buds, but the color scheme may have taken into account that it is more compatible with the Pixel 5. Surprisingly, the second LED in the charging case seems to be invisible.

Last month, the FCC released a certification for what appeared to be the new Pixel Buds’ authentic wireless headphones. The manufacturer is Weifang Goer Electronics, the models are GPQY2 and G7YPJ.

But let’s hope the same thing won’t happen with the second Pixel Buds, after the company tried to fix it with multiple firmware updates after early sales of the second Pixel Buds.

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