HTC launches Wildfire E Lite for Android Go

HTC launches Wildfire E Lite for Android Go

As if to prove it’s still in the phone business, HTC recently unveiled an Android Go phone, the Wildfire E Lite. Wildfire is an older HTC brand that was dropped during multiple rebranding efforts. Until two years ago, HTC relaunch the Wildfire E, and now it’s rolling out a leaner Lite version.

Except for the remaining 5.45-inch HD+ screen with a 1440-by-720 resolution, everything else is basically shrunk. The MediaTek Helio A20 has halved the number of cores and halved its storage capacity to 16GB. The rear dual camera consists of an 8-megapixel main camera and a 300-megapixel depth sensor. Thankfully, it retains the previous generation’s 3,000mAh battery.

Wildfire E Lite costs about $100 and is sold mainly in markets such as Russia and South Africa.

For 2021, Cher Wang, founder, chairman and CEO of HTC, said that global technology has been progressing, no matter in VR, AR, AI, 5G and blockchain, I believe it will be the best platform for work and communication in the future.

Humanity, together with technology, can unleash human imagination. This is the goal HTC pursues. Through continuous innovation, HTC hopes to help people unleash their maximum potential and pursue countless dreams.

Wang said that they will not give up the mobile phone business, and there will be plans for 5G phones in 2021, which will be helpful to the company’s operations as the 5G penetration rate increases, and there will also be amazing products coming out in VR.

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