HTC’s revenue has grown for three months in a row

HTC’s revenue has grown for three months in a row

HTC reported revenue growth in both November and December. A hat-trick may seem unlikely given the company’s track record, but the brand has once again proved the doubters wrong. Actual revenue last month was reported to be NT $493m, up nearly 3% from NT $478m a year earlier.

Revenue in January was down nearly 20 per cent from December, but it is traditionally a quiet month for technology companies, particularly smartphone brands, and some form of decline is to be expected.

Apart from the fact that the numbers have risen for three months in a row, the good news for HTC is that the rate of growth also seems to be picking up. In November, the figure was 0.96 percent, but it rose to 1.02 percent in December and 2.99 percent in January.

It remains to be seen whether the former smartphone giant can sustain this momentum in the coming months, but there’s no doubt that the numbers are a positive sign for now.

The last time HTC had three consecutive months of growth was in early 2015, when the HTC One (M8) was successfully launched in 2014.

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