IPhone users spent an average of $138 on apps last year

IPhone users spent an average of 8 on apps last year

It is reported that the COVID-19 epidemic has brought a boost to the global Internet industry. How will it affect the mobile Internet industry? As a result of the outbreak, iPhone users in the United States spent an average of $138 on software last year, up 38 percent from the previous year, according to a new report. Sensor Tower, a mobile Internet market research firm, released the report.

According to the report, iPhone users downloaded various apps for work, school, entertainment, shopping and other activities throughout 2020, driving average spending to a record high, and the 38 percent growth rate was the highest since 2016.

The company said the trend would continue to be delayed, with the average active iPhone user in the U.S. expected to spend as much as $180 on software this year, with mobile game spending a significant part of that.

Sensor Tower points out that it’s not just the iPhone. Smartphone users around the world are spending a lot more money on software last year, with Google and Apple’s app stores generating $111 billion in revenue last year.

Gaming is the largest category of software spending by US iPhone users. Last year, game spending per iPhone was $76.80, up 43% from $53.80 in 2019. That’s more than 20 percentage points higher than in the past few years.

According to the report, the most popular games played by US iPhone users last year were puzzles, such as Candy Crush Saga or Gardenscapes, which players might rely on to relax during the stress of COV19. The average user spent $15.50 on this type of game. The next category was casino games ($13.10 on average), partly due to the shutdown of the U.S. casino industry due to the outbreak. Strategy games also saw an increase in spending, with the average user spending $12.30.

In addition to games, another popular category is entertainment. As theaters and concert halls close in the United States, consumers have to rely on mobile apps for entertainment. Of these, Disney Video and HBO Max video services both launched last year. The average amount spent on such software was $10.20, up 26% from a year earlier.

The increase in consumer spending of iPhone users can not be separated from the performance of some star apps. Twitch, a streaming game app, saw revenue grow 680% year on year, while TikTok, a short video app, saw revenue grow 140%.

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