Vivaldi 3.7 improves performance for desktop browsers

Vivaldi 3.7 improves performance for desktop browsers

Vivaldi Technologies has released Vivaldi 3.7 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The main focus of the new version of the web browser will be desktop performance, while Android users will get improvements to the bookmarks manager and the incoming page to introduce the new version and welcome new users to the app.

The performance improvement was mainly achieved by opening and closing new tabs and Windows twice as fast, and new Windows appearing 26% faster than before. Fortunately, users of Apple’s new M1-based line of Macs should also notice further improvements, thanks to the debut of the first native build based on the ARM chipset.

Building on 3.6’s tab-grouping capability, version 3.7 introduces a semi-automatic feature that allows users to right-click on any TAB and select “Stack Tabs by Host” to group all tabs in the same domain together. Vivaldi 3.7 also extends the periodic tag reload capability to its Web panel — this allows users to set specific time intervals for tag reloads (1-30 minutes). The Quick Command window has also been improved, with search terms in the address bar marked in bold to help select.

Vivaldi’s unique customizable menus extend all the way to the context menu that pops up when you right-click on a web element (accessed by setting the > appearance > menu), while support for background updates in Windows has been introduced to make it easier for future releases.

The release of Vivaldi for Android 3.7 also has its own unique changes. An improved bookmark manager has been introduced to simplify the way to access favorite websites on the phone, due to easier access to quick navigation folders, plus the ability to add and edit descriptions and nicknames of websites, which can be used directly in the address bar search.

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