Zoom may have an email service and a calendar app

Zoom may have an email service and a calendar app

Video conferencing platform Zoom had a blockbuster year, with its stock up more than 500% on the unprecedented surge in telecommuting due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now The company is looking to expand beyond workplace video chat into new areas, specifically email and calendar services, according to a new report from The Information. 

The company is already working on an email product, which reports say will be a web-based email service that Zoom could start testing as early as next year. The calendar app appears to have a longer launch date, and it’s unclear whether development has started yet. But both ideas are clear avenues for Zoom to explore, especially if the company starts bringing employees back to the office and relies less on videoconferencing as COVID-19 distribution picks up by 2021, which is when the replacement business will need to pick up the replacements.

Many of Zoom’s main competitors are video conferencing platforms bundled together as part of a broader suite of enterprise applications, with the two biggest belonging to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform and Google’s competing Workspace bundled platform. Both platforms offer calendars, email, and video conferencing products, so it makes sense that Zoom would want to try to refine its product with email and calendar and move Zoom away from being a single-purpose platform.

There are other signs in The Information’s report that The company is interested in building a complete suite of enterprise apps, including job postings for “exciting chat features” and its existing integration with other apps such as Asana and Dropbox. But there is always the possibility that the company decides to wait and see how the switch back to office work affects the business, and whether remote work will still be a prominent factor in life in the future.

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