The iPhone 12 is half as strong as the Galaxy S21

Apple’s iPhone 12 series, released last fall, is holding up better than Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series, released earlier this year, according to Sellcell’s latest April 2021 mobile phone coverage rankings. In other words, if you want to trade in after about 12 months of use, the iPhone 12 series is still the best relative store of value. Since its introduction in 2020, the iPhone 12 series has lost only 18.1 percent to 33.7 percent of its original value.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series is losing value a bit faster than we expected. It has lost between 44.8 percent and 57.1 percent of its value since its launch in early 2021, with the $799 256GB Galaxy S21 model taking the lead.

On Apple’s side, the 6.1-inch 64GB iPhone 12 model lost 33.7% of its value, the same as the 512GB iPhone 12 Pro model. What’s weird is that the iPhone 12 Mini has a relatively small monthly decline, even though it’s considered the best-selling iPhone 12 series model to date.

But the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the 128GB model that has held its value the most, has lost only 18.1% of its value so far. Samsung’s flagship model is the 128GB version of the Galaxy S21 Plus, even though it’s rated 44.8 percent lower.

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