The iPhone user community does not like foldable phones

The iPhone user community does not like foldable phones

To be honest, foldable smartphones have come a long way. The original Galaxy Fold was an ambitious device, but it had many flaws. Since then, Samsung has worked tirelessly to improve foldable devices, and when it comes to foldable devices, the South Korean tech giant is definitely the ruler. However, a new report shows that iPhone users did not like foldable smartphones from the beginning.

This has little to do with Samsung, but more with the concept of foldable smartphones. Apple is one of the few manufacturers that has not tried a foldable smartphone, which makes sense, because this technology has not reached the expected Apple-level maturity, and we all know that Apple is not a risk A well-known company, iPhone is the only smartphone they produce and is a cash cow. Therefore, taking risks is also a dangerous thing for the company.

Statistics show that half of Americans are interested in buying foldable smartphones in the future. The other half, looking at iPhone users again, this is not really surprising. So far, Apple has not released a foldable device, but when the company finally does so, we may be able to see a shift in opinions.

We are still waiting for Apple to launch products similar to Galaxy Z Fold or Galaxy Z Flip, but rumors suggest that we will be able to buy a foldable iPhone sometime in 2023, so there is still a lot of time before that.

At the same time, Samsung has continued to improve its foldable technology and introduced foldable phones, which are much more durable than in the past.

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