Google will launch “application installation optimization”

Google will launch “application installation optimization”

In the past few years, Google has been working to reduce the scale of Android applications by optimizing the code and resources downloaded to the device. The latest move in this regard is “Optimization of App Installation” in Google Play. When this feature is logged on the user’s device, it will receive a prompt “Google is optimizing application installation” when it opens the Play Store.

To turn off this default option, users can visit the modified settings page and open “General”, and then choose to disable or enable “Application Installation Optimization”.

It is reported that this feature does not collect the user’s name, email address or any other personal information, Google’s existing privacy policy is valid on this. In addition, it will not view any content outside of the app, such as other apps or content on the user’s device. “

The user’s data will be combined with other users’ data to help Google find trends and determine which parts of the application are most important to everyone. Google listed three benefits of application installation optimization:

Speed ​​up the installation of apps from Google Play

Reduce the time required to open and run applications

Reduce pressure on device CPU, battery and storage

Google may prioritize downloads by function. For example, a social media application that most people only use to browse posts may not download content creation features from the beginning. This feature can only be installed when users actually start to use it or when their connection improves.

Those who don’t like this feature can turn it off from the Play Store settings. Currently, application installation optimization has not yet appeared in the Play Store, but the latest version (version 24.5.13) has included relevant reference information, and supporting documents have also been provided.

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