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The iPhone 12 is half as strong as the Galaxy S21

Apple’s iPhone 12 series, released last fall, is holding up better than Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series, released earlier this year, according to Sellcell’s latest April 2021 mobile phone coverage rankings. In other words, if you want to trade in after about 12 months of use, the iPhone 12 series is still the best relative store …

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A Google Fi user in Hawaii received several messages from his friends on Monday night wishing him a happy Easter. The problem is that the messages were sent on Easter Sunday, April 4. Google acknowledges that there is a messaging issue and has issued a notice to Fi users who receive SMS messages via Hangouts …

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Zoom may have an email service and a calendar app

Video conferencing platform Zoom had a blockbuster year, with its stock up more than 500% on the unprecedented surge in telecommuting due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now The company is looking to expand beyond workplace video chat into new areas, specifically email and calendar services, according to a new report from The Information.  The company …

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DuckDuckGo announced on mobile and desktop platforms

In late 2020, a number of organizations, including DuckDuckGo, expressed support for the privacy-centric Global Privacy Control initiative. It is understood that GPC is working to promote an open standard that will help users to take their rights to anti-online tracking to a new level. In an update, DuckDuckGo announced today that it will enable …

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Speedtest measures the ability to watch video streamed over the Internet

Ookla announced today that Speedtest’s iOS app can now benchmark the quality of Internet video streaming. While previously the service used to check general connection metrics, such as maximum download and upload speeds and latency, the new test was specifically aimed at the growing focus on web video, which experimented with streaming at a variety …

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Dropbox Password Manager is an open experience

As security standards have improved, many web services have required users to set up complex passwords, but managing them has become a messy business. Last year, Dropbox realized that many people were casually storing passwords in plain text files on online drives. Although the company’s cloud service offers encryption, it is still an inefficient and …

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Vivaldi 3.7 improves performance for desktop browsers

Vivaldi Technologies has released Vivaldi 3.7 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The main focus of the new version of the web browser will be desktop performance, while Android users will get improvements to the bookmarks manager and the incoming page to introduce the new version and welcome new users to the app. The performance …

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