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Zoom can make video calls more personal experience

Google will launch “application installation optimization”

Google accidentally leaked the camera specifications of the Pixel 5a 5G

Apple M2 chip has been put into mass production this month

The iPhone user community does not like foldable phones

The iPhone 12 is half as strong as the Galaxy S21

Fi users using Hangouts were unable to receive messages last week

Zoom may have an email service and a calendar app

DuckDuckGo announced on mobile and desktop platforms

Speedtest measures the ability to watch video streamed over the Internet

Dropbox Password Manager is an open experience

Vivaldi 3.7 improves performance for desktop browsers

The Pixel 6 will run on a chip developed by Google itself

Android 12 now has a device search API

Android Auto gets navigation, parking, and charging

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As a fairly complete mobile operating system, Android system involves many components. Broadly speaking, it can be divided into two parts, the application ecosystem and the operating system itself. For developers, the programming language of choice will vary depending on the part of Android being developed. Java and Kotlin are popular choices for application developers; …


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