BT Business Broadband Review 2020

BT Business Broadband Review 2020

Company Overview

BT is one of the best-known broadband and phone company in the UK and they also have the biggest network share. They also own Openreach, which maintains much of the UK telecoms network.

Their speed guarantee gives you estimates of the download and upload speeds they expect you to get – plus gives you a minimum guaranteed download speed. This is part of Ofcoms voluntary code of practice.

Broadband Speed

For those who can’t get a fibre connection in their area, BT’s ADSL offers download speeds of up to 17Mbps, with the average actual speed of 10Mbps.

Those businesses in a fibre enable area, BT Unlimited Superfast Fibre 1 (previously known as BT Infinity 1), offers download speeds of up to 50Mbps. Which mean dozens of devices can be connected without any problems. The only other provider who offers 50Mbps is Virgin Media.

Superfast Fibre 2 offers speeds around 67Mbps which is in line with most other providers’ top speed offering (except Virgin Media, which offers up to 350Mbps)

Users with Superfast Fibre 1 get upload speeds up to 9.5Mpbs and Superfast Fibre 2 up to 19.5Mpbs. BT Ultrafast will give you an upload speed of 10Mbps, however this is currently only available in a limited areas.

Deals & Offers

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BT offer an array of different broadband packages, with various features and options. Such as a 4G backup and with or without a phone line. Below we show the 4 most popular ‘Without phone line’ options.


On average, installation of BT Superfast Fibre takes about two weeks. If there’s already an active phone line and socket at your address you might not need an engineer visit. In this case, BT can usually switch the phone line without a visit. But if you don’t already have a BT line or if you’re moving from a cable service, you’ll need a line installed by BT.

Customer Service

BT’s customer service has always been a gripe for most people who have used them and it has declined more in recent years. In Ofcom’s latest customer survey it scored below average for landline and broadband. The Ofcom figures show BT had 127 Ofcom complaints per 100,000 customers in 2016, which is the highest number of any major UK broadband suppliers.

Ofcom also found BT customers waited an average of 3 minutes 59 seconds to speak to someone at BT, with 13% giving up and hanging up before speaking to anyone.


BT is the largest of mainstream broadband providers when it comes to the number of users. They are working on delivering their ultrafast connections, but it will take years rather than months to become widely available across the country.
The length of their contracts are long and inflexible when compared to smaller providers and tend to hike their prices when your contract comes to an end.

On the plus side they often have special offers which means that if you sign up at the right time, it can make them a good option for businesses on a budget and those who wish to stick to a well known name.

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